Washington State Patrol Launches Nighttime Aerial Patrols Along I-90

Who remembers the TV show Airwolf or the movie Blue Thunder from the 80's? They had high-flying helicopters and airplanes that could fly at night and combat crime. 

Where Are The Speed Traps Along I-90 In Washington State?

Well, it looks like the Washington State Patrol is taking a page from those movies and shows and launching nighttime aerial speed traps at night along I-90 from Snoqualmie Pass and Moses Lake.  

That means that WSP will be high in the sky in a specially-equipped Cessna 206 with infrared cameras that'll track speeders and reckless drivers along the 100-mile stretch of road according to an article from Source One.

The new crackdown is part of WSP's Target Zero Air Patrol program. Here are details from the plan according to the DOT website:

"Target Zero is a plan with the goal to reduce the number of traffic deaths and serious injuries on Washington's roadways to zero by the year 2030. It also serves as the state's Strategic Highway Safety Plan."

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How many deaths and serious injuries are “acceptable” on Washington’s roadways? How many of your family members would it be “acceptable” to lose to traffic crashes each year? Ten? Five?

"Of course, the answer is zero. The personal, financial and societal loss for every person killed or injured in traffic crashes is enormous. The loss of even one family member, co-worker or friend is unacceptable."

That’s why Washington State has adopted Target Zero — a goal to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries on Washington's roadways to zero by the year 2030.

WSP: Trooper Chris Thorson

So if you are traveling from Moses Lake to Snoqualmie Pass over the next few weeks, be aware that if you get pulled over for speeding or reckless driving and you don't spot the trooper, it is most likely the aerial nighttime patrol that nabbed you.

Get more details on the WSP aerial nightly patrols here.

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