After a long "operation", this well-known trouble spot for visible drug sales in Tri-Cities is finally clean!

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Tri-Cities Operation Finally Cleans Up Area Known for Drug Sales

The Kennewick Police Department had been getting many complaints of narcotic sales and use around Clearwater and Union from concerned citizens. That sparked the Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force to launch an investigation in early August 2023. The task force managed to locate the source of the drugs at an apartment nearby situated at 386 N. Union Street in the Nueva Vista Apartments. The Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force is a "regional drug task force made of partner agencies and is dedicated to the disruption of narcotics trafficking, illegal firearm transactions, and criminal gang activity in the region". After confirming the suspects, the task force got a search warrant and found 9 individuals involved with the drug sales who were either arrested at the apartment or in the area nearby. Those 9 individuals arrested in the sting are identified as:

#1- 21-year-old Juanita Rocha of Kennewick, unlawful possession of a controlled substance
#2- 26-year-old Malcolm Slack of Kennewick, delivery of a controlled substance
#3- 30-year-old Christopher Cook of Kennewick, delivery of a controlled substance
#4- 30-year-old Edgar Soloranzo-Vazquez of Kennewick, arrest warrants
#5- 21-year-old Evangelina Chavarin of Pasco, arrest warrants
#6- 23-year-old Avery J. Brooks of Kennewick, arrest warrants
#7- 42-year-old Avery D. Brooks of Kennewick, arrest warrants
#8- 39-year-old Christopher Meyer of Kennewick, delivery of a controlled substance
#9- 34-year-old Cody Camden of Kennewick, delivery of a controlled substance

Kennewick Police Department
Kennewick Police Department

The Task Force Wants to Thank Everyone Involved

The Tri-City Drug Task Force wants to thank all the local police departments that helped with this operation. The success would not be possible without the help and cooperation of the following departments: The Kennewick Police Department, the Richland Police Department, the Pasco Police Department, the West Richland Police Department, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office, the Tri-Cities DEA, The Nueva Vista Apartments, and Housing Authority of Kennewick

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