A victory for WSU and OSU, for now

Judge rules in favor of keeping departing PAC-12 schools from deciding fate of the league

Whitman County Superior Court Judge Gary Libey sided with Washington State and Oregon State, ruling departing members of the PAC-12 cannot formally or legally meet until it is determined who will be on the conference board of directors.

A hearing has been set for next Monday, according to The Center Square. WSU and OSU claimed in a lawsuit filed Friday in Whitman County Court the departing schools had violated the PAC-12 bylaws and charter, and by doing so, forfeit any right to vote or have a voice in the fate of the crumbling conference.

USC and UCLA already had their voting rights taken away after they announced many months ago they were leaving for the Big 10.   The other 8 schools that have announced they are departing are the focus of the lawsuit,

 According to one of the attorneys for WSU and OSU, Eric MacMichael:

 "Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Stanford and California — forfeited their right to be on the board when they announced their intentions to join other conferences next year. USC and UCLA were stripped of voting rights by the Pac-12 in 2022 when they decided to join the Big Ten."

The PAC-12 is still allowed to conduct regular day-to-day business to meet liabilities and financial requirements but is not allowed to meet to vote on conference matters.

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Officials from WSU and OSU ultimately want to make sure only these two schools can make decisions going forward about the future of the conference and any other PAC-12 business.


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