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According to company sources and the Associated Press, it appears by 2030, you will have to bring your own cup. The process has already begun in some locations.

 Starbucks to phase out iconic single-use cardboard cups

Ever since the company expanded nationally, and world-wide, they've had the iconic single-use white cup, manufactured from cardboard materials. The smooth cup has become synonymous with the largest coffee company in the world.

But as part of its continued push for environmental sustainability, the company says it will gradually phase out these beverage holders.

According to the AP and company sources, they have already converted most of their existing inventory to include cups made from recycled materials, now they are going to go even further.

Some shops, including a few in Seattle, have already stopped offering the white single-use cups. Customers who don't bring their own are given a plastic reusable holder, which can be dropped off in recycle bins near the shops.

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Starbucks has 37,000 stores in 86 countries so this will take some time. Some business experts say it will create a ripple effect as the giant has contracts with hundreds of vendors in the US and overseas to supply the existing white single-use cups. They say this could have a negative effect on these vendors.

Eventually, all Starbucks locations will offer only reusables, or you will have to bring your own.


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