Do you ever have to pull into a service station and drop some quarters into a machine and fill your tires up? Do you even check your tire pressure or do you just wait for your car to warn you about low air?

I try and check every month or so like we're supposed to and of course when the tire light comes on, which only seems to happen in the winter when the temperature has  dropped, is a clear warning. The air inside our tires condenses in cold temperatures taking up less space in case you didn't know.

Anyway, when you see a green cap on the air valve of a tire that means those tires take nitrogen versus regular, 'ol air according to the Family Handyman website.

Hand is removing a green tire valve caps for nitrogen tire inflation service

Some cars are even sold with tires that already have those green caps on the tire stem because they automatically come with nitrogen according to Consumer Reports. That said, nitrogen comes at a premium fill-up cost of around $20 and is most likely only found at your dealer.

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Nitrogen means longer tire life, less moisture buildup, more stable tire pressure rarely affected by temperature changes, and less tire pressure loss over time which boosts fuel economy according to the Family Handyman.


According to both Consumer Reports and Family Handyman, even with the benefits of nitrogen the commitment and cost isn't really worth it. It's basically what ever you want to do.

Meanwhile, race cars, airplanes, and heavy-duty trucks and machinery for example are where the benefits are worth it according to the Family Handyman.

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