Here Are The Top 5 Places To Get Your Car Washed In The Tri-Cities

It's warming up Tri-Cities and it's that time of year when you'll be looking to clean up your ride.

working holds a gun in his hands to wash the car, and smiles

Where are The Best Places To Wash Your Car In The Tri-Cities?

The question was asked on the Facebook group "All About The Tri-Cities" and we compiled the top five car washes from the recommendations of the locals on the page.

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There's nothing like a glistening shine on your ride; we love supporting local businesses when we can. Take a look at the top five car washes that are worth checking out.

The Top 5 Tri-Cities Car Washes According to the Locals

Here are the top five car washes in the Tri-Cities Washington according to the locals.

That's our list of some of our favorite car washes in the Tri-Cities, did we miss one? Feel free to add to our list through our app chat feature on the station's mobile app.

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