Area where suspect arrested (Google street view Richland)
Area where suspect arrested (Google street view Richland)

Richland Police say a 28-year-old male suspect is in the Benton County jail following a shocking assault on his victim.

Man even stole woman's security cameras

Tuesday morning, officers responded to a report of a domestic violence assault, they did not specify what area of town it occurred in.

The man allegedly entered her home unlawfully, stole money from her purse, assaulted her, and destroyed some of her property, and even took her surveillance cameras before speeding away in a car.

The man fled before officers arrived, however, they entered the vehicle's plate number into their automated plate reader system (Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) system) and a few hours later an officer on patrol got a hit.

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The system reads the license plates of oncoming vehicles and can do so even from several hundred feet away. The suspect was located and a successful traffic stop was conducted near Lee Boulevard and Cullum Street. A swarm of officers surrounded the suspect's car, and he was arrested without incident.

He is now in jail on multiple charges, the investigation continues.

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