Kennewick is set to be named the Pickleball Capital of Washington State!

Kennewick Parks and Recreation Facebook
Kennewick Parks and Recreation Facebook
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The groundbreaking of the new pickleball courts will be at Lawrence Scott Park on June 29th at 11 am.

According to Kennewick Parks and Recreation, 12 new pickleball courts will be constructed, joining the 3 that were constructed in 2017. That brings a total of 15 courts to the park, thus making Kennewick the Pickleball Capital of Washington State.

Pickleball is the official state sport of Washington.

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What other improvements were made at the Lawrence Scott Park?

attachment-picnic shelter

New restrooms have been added near the playground and a new picnic shelter. It's the largest of all the Kennewick parks at 45 feet by 74 feet. Beginning July 5th, the tennis courts and smaller pickleball courts will be closed to the public for construction. When all is done, Kennewick will be the official Pickleball Capital of Washington State.

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