Summer is officially here! Technically, it has been here for a while, but cutting into a Walchli black mamba watermelon from Hermiston Melon Company solidifies it! I have yet to purchase a watermelon this year because I have been holding out for a Walchli melon! Well, they are ripe, ready, and coming to a town near you!

They will have their exclusive (Trademarked) Black mamba red seedless watermelons, orange seedless, juicy cantaloupe, white flesh dove, green flesh, and gallicum. Plus they will have all miscellaneous veggies to choose from and all coming to a town near you!

This Saturday morning they will be at the Pasco Farmers Market, Beaverton Farmers Market, and Hillsboro Farmers' Markets. Be sure to check for closure updates, as most markets end at noon because due to the high temperatures! Melons are on a first come first serve basis so be sure to get there early, when they are gone they are gone, and I am not sharing! Enjoy your summer and those Walchli melons!

Hermiston Melon Company
Hermiston Melon Company


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